Jewish Marketing Solutions publishes and distributes print & online business directories for domestic and foreign niche markets. Jewish Marketing Solutions’ major source of revenue comes from the sale of ads in these directories. As a sales incentive, we provide our advertisers with added values, such as referral services and a consumer discount club. We also operate Internet portals, JewishYellow.com targeting worldwide Jewish communities and JewishMasterGuide.com, targeting the ultra-Orthodox and Hassidic communities.

Our principal directories are the Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages, the Jewish Master Guide and the Kosher Yellow Pages. These directories are available free of charge in commercial and retail establishments in the US, England and Israel. They are also delivered door-to-door to residents in various Jewish communities.

JewishYellow.com Our website, launched in 1995, serves as a “portal” with links to a variety of sites on the web, particularly those that carry information and news that may be of particular interest to specified users. We also develop websites for our advertisers for an additional fee. We further enhanced our website by providing links to community-focused yellow page directories as well as creating strategic alliances with other Internet portals.


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